Research and Development (R&D)

At HH Industries, we’re equipped not just with the tools for effective research and development but also with valuable experience and collaborative partnerships. For insights into our work, please see our publications listed at the bottom of this page to see the topics we are involved in and could assist you with. 

Our research and development experience extends to advancing new material development for laser powder bed fusion applications. Collaborating closely with our customers, we handle a variety of metal powders to customise specific parameters for your additive manufacturing needs. With an extensive selection of metal powders, we’ve refined more parameters in our systems than any other private facility in Africa, ensuring a personalized and quality-focused approach to material innovation. To minimize contamination, we offer powder process kits, including all the tools and equipment needed for safe powder handling.

With the rapid evolution of Additive Manufacturing technologies, we provide essential research support services to guide our customers through innovation and development, helping them stay competitive in a dynamic global landscape. As early adopters, we keep pace with the latest advancements, equipping us to offer our customers the most effective assistance and ensure their success.

Our R&D facility & Machinery

Our manufacturing facility is completely off-grid and makes use of solar power and battery storage to keep our machines running 24/7. This allows us to test the concept of green manufacturing and push the limits of renewable energy. 

Concept Laser MLab 200R

The Concept Laser MLab 200R is one of the best machines for Research and Development for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF). The machine has a high process stability which enables production of complex parts quickly and efficiently, while providing high part quality and resolution. The machine design allows for rapid change of material without the risk of contamination. The build volume is limited to 100 x 100 x 105 mm. We stock a number of materials and can assist you with development and qualification of new materials. The materials we stock are (Click for SDS):

We also have experience with WC based materials


The Meltio M450 is designed for industry without the need for industrial infrastructure; affordable, reliable, safe and easy to use metal 3D printer. Ideal for small to medium size part fabrication and multi-metal 3D printing research. The build volume is limited to 150 x 170 x 380 mm. We stock a number of wire materials and can assist you with development, qualification of new materials and multi-material printing for functionally graded components. The materials we stock are:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Ti-6Al-4V Grade 23 
We are also able to print in other materials but don’t carry stock of the wire such as:

  • Inconel 625
  • Inconel 718
  • Stainless Steel 304
  • Stainless Steel 308
  • Stainless Steel 309
  • Tool Steel H11

Want to use our machines for your research and development project or studies? 

Download our technical specifications document to get started:

Lab and Testing equipment

We believe in having the right people and the right equipment to do as much as possible in-house. We have invested in the best lab equipment to compliment our additive manufacturing services. We also have a vast network of service providers to assist us with the testing that we cannot do in-house. The various lab related services we offer for quality control, materials testing, and inspection are:

  • Density measurements
  • Optical microscopy
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS)
  • Powder analysis
  • Metallurgical testing
  • CT scanning

Our Publications and research we are involved in

Discover our contributions to the scientific and additive manufacturing community in our “Publications and Research” section, highlighting some of the impactful work we’re involved in.