HH Industries Publications

The effects of laser wire directed energy deposition processing parameters on the properties of 309L stainless steel

TC Mamphekgo, N Maledi, LC Tshabalala, D Hagedorn-Hansen

Laser directed energy deposition technology using 309L welding wire feedstock was investigated in this research work. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of laser power and scanning speed on the microstructure and hardness of the 309L austenitic stainless steel. The travel speed and the laser power were varied from 350 mm/min to 650 mm/min, and from 700W to 1100W, respectively. The general microstructure of the test cubes was that of ferrite dendrites in austenitic matrix. The test samples fabricated at laser power between 700W and 900W showed lack of fusion. However, samples that were manufactured at laser power between 1000W and 1100W were of good quality and did not show any defects. The micro hardness ranged between 188HV0.1 to 211HV0.1.