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HH Industries was founded because we saw additive manufacturing as the key technology for implementing smart designs in industries such as aerospace, defense, mining, oil & gas, and tooling. We are already playing an integral role in these industries with our solutions for technology transfer packages, research & development, manufacturing of geometrically complex parts, AM consulting, and customised training.

Our Services

Additive Manufacturing

HH Industries is not a 3D printing service bureau. However, we do specialise in proof of concept parts, business case studies/development, and specialty production runs in more metal materials than any other printing company in Africa. We focus on establishing and empowering AM facilities in Africa.


Enhance your AM knowledge with our comprehensive suite of AM training courses. In-person and virtual courses are available. We offer customised training, tailor made for the various needs of our customers. We also offer training with a unique African perspective, for Africans, by Africans. To get more AM into Africa, train the trainer packages are also available.

Research & Development

With the growing number of unknowns associated with new Additive Manufacturing technologies, we offer research support services to help our customers innovate, develop, and remain competitive in an ever changing world. We are the early adopters, staying ahead and up to date with the latest technologies so we can assist our customers, the best way possible.


We offer consulting services centered around AM to seamlessly integrate AM with your operations to improve digital, design, materials, and manufacturing capabilities. We even assist with business model and use case development.

Project Management

Managing 3D Printing (additive manufacturing) projects can be challenging. We have years of experience managing projects that involve additive manufacturing technologies so you don't have to go through the steep learning curves.


We are always looking of ways to give back and to educate people about Additive Manufacturing in Africa. Contact us for events, conferences, invited speakers, and special training events to see if we can support you and meet your specific needs for your event.

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Aerospace & Defence

The aerospace industry is one of the biggest adopters of additive manufacturing technologies. Advanced features such as lattice structures, impossible to machine geometries, and part consolidation are some of the reasons why AM technologies are gaining popularity in these industries. We focus on very niche applications for the aerospace and defence industries, ensuring we can do what others cannot.

Mining, Oil & Gas, and Heavy Industry

The mining, oil & gas, and heavy industries can benefit hugely from the time and cost savings provided by Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing). When supply chains are disrupted, AM can offer a viable solution to getting the expensive equipment up and running in the shortest lead times. We can help companies decide which AM solutions are the best for their specific needs. We can even put a full technology transfer package together where we supply the entire solution, from procurement to end user training. We also specialise in research into wear components produced with AM technologies.

Tooling & Advanced Manufacturing

Conformal cooling channels, hard to reach features, and vents are some of the features that can only be produced using metal additive manufacturing technologies. The tooling industry can benefit from massive time and cost savings through successful additive manufacturing implementation. We offer custom venting solutions for molds to ensure the scrap rate is kept down and production rates can be kept up.

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