Turnkey Facility Installation

At HH Industries, we revolutionise African industry with turnkey metal additive manufacturing facilities. We start with a needs analysis, then design and install state-of-the-art facilities tailored for precision and efficiency. Comprehensive training programs empower our clients to harness these cutting-edge facilities, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to operation.

Let's get you manufacturing

You’re not alone on this journey, HH Industries is your dedicated partner for technological advancement and growth. We conduct a comprehensive needs analysis, select the correct technologies for your applications and design sophisticated facilities to meet your needs. We also provide comprehensive training, all to facilitate a seamless transition to advanced manufacturing.

Needs Analysis and Planning

At HH Industries, we conduct meticulous needs analyses to understand your unique requirements, ensuring that our metal additive manufacturing facility is tailored precisely to your objectives. Our comprehensive planning process outlines every detail, from production capacity and technology selection to workflow optimization, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to operation

Facility Design and Construction

With a focus on efficiency and safety, HH Industries designs metal additive manufacturing facilities optimised for space utilisation and regulatory compliance, providing the ideal environment for additive manufacturing operations. Our team ensures that each facility is designed with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including advanced environmental controls and safety features, to maintain optimal conditions for additive manufacturing processes.

Equipment Procurement and Installation

HH Industries selects the latest metal additive manufacturing equipment tailored to your specific needs, procuring high-quality machines and auxiliary systems to enhance production efficiency and quality. Our experienced technicians oversee the installation and integration of equipment, ensuring proper calibration and alignment with facility infrastructure for optimal performance and reliability.

Training and Skills Development

Through comprehensive training programs, HH Industries empowers your team with the knowledge and skills needed to operate metal additive manufacturing equipment effectively and safely. We provide specialised training on machine operation, maintenance procedures, and quality assurance practices, fostering a culture of continuous learning to maximize productivity and adaptability.

Need a flexible, modular facility that Can manufacture Components almost anywhere?

Given our experience on the African continent for installing Additive Manufacturing facilities, HH Industries has developed a containerised solution to speed up adoption in Africa. No need for a customised, purpose built facility anymore. Our solution is plug and play and contains all of the required equipment and safety protocols to correctly operate a metal Additive Manufacturing facility in remote locations. 

 HH Industries takes pride in delivering a self-contained, plug-and-play metal additive manufacturing facility designed for adaptability and remote operation. Anchored in fire safety and powder management, our units embody the highest safety standards, ensuring operations are secure and reliable. With integrated HVAC systems for optimal climate control and waste management protocols that adhere to environmental best practices, our facilities are built not just for today but for the future. This commitment to quality and standards, paired with remote support and inventory management systems, provides a turnkey solution that ensures operational efficiency and quality production. Embrace the future of manufacturing with a solution that is modular, upgradeable, and ready to be deployed almost anywhere in Africa. 

At HH Industries, we do more than just assemble facilities; we engineer resilience. Our products are crafted to ensure that your metal additive manufacturing facilities and machinery can operate with complete independence from specific suppliers, even in remote locations. With self-sustaining power, water, and gas solutions, we empower your operations to be off-grid and supplier-independent, guaranteeing uninterrupted production and autonomy.