When it comes to Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) there are many companies out there that claim they are experts in the field and can offer the correct/best solutions for their customers. Unfortunately, some of these companies create false expectations surrounding the technology, which can often result in the technology getting a bad reputation when it doesn’t deliver on the expectations created. 

The difference we offer is that we use and can train our customers on all of the technologies we support. We have had input in and established a number of metal additive manufacturing facilities (like the one in the image above) in Africa over the years. From concept to final delivery and training of the end users, no project is too large, and we prefer to walk with our customers from start to finish. Technology transfer packages are our specialty, and we offer the full turnkey solution for metal 3D Printing facilities within an African context.

It’s important to get the right information, from the right source, in the beginning to ensure you end up with the correct solutions to your problems. Contact HH Industries today, even if it’s just for a discussion to get the facts. 

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